Her passion for the photographic arts manifested in back in 2008, and since has grown in both composition and style. 

To further enhance her skills, Amber received a BA in Photography and Visual Communications at Stevenson University and FIDM.

With a keen eye and an affinity towards portrait photography, Amber’s subjects are often every day, unseen people in urban areas. Through her photo work, which she refers to as a sort of “poetry,” Amber strives to showcase black and brown people in a more favorable light.  

“I want to protect who we are, not monetize off of it as the outside influences do. As a black woman, this art is who I am… I’m communicating our stories back to the public”

Outside of portrait work, Amber also contributes to one of the leading global fashion brands, providing retouch services and more. 

This year she’s working with one of the top three largest internet company’s in the world with even bigger projects on the horizon. 

Amber is available for hire and looking to collaborate with models, fashion brands and magazines on creative projects and editorial work in the LA area.  




What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to recreate


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